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of anal fistula

A tunnel between the rectum and anus!?
What is an anal fistula?

An anal fistula is a tunnel that goes between the rectum and skin near the anus. An anal abscess filled with pus develops around the anus, which turns into an anal fistula if it becomes chronic.

The main cause of an anal fistula is that bacteria from diarrhea, etc., infect the tissue of the anus. An upward facing pocket called the anal crypt, and an anal gland that produces mucous are located on the dentate line. Normally, stool does not collect in the small recess, but bacteria such as E.coli can accumulate in this area during diarrhea.
If there are tears or cuts near the area or if the body's resistance to infection is weakened when E.coli collects in the anal gland, it can become infected, leak pus, and an anal abscess can form. The anal abscess can then progress, forming a tunnel that connects the inside and outside of the anus, which is an anal fistula.

A tunnel between the rectum and anus?!A tunnel between the rectum and anus?!

Main symptoms of an anal fistula

Main symptoms of an anal fistula

If pus is accumulating in the anus, you may notice swelling, throbbing pain, and experience a fever from 38 to 39℃ (anal abscess). If the abscess progresses and accumulated pus leaks out, the symptoms may lessen, however, this means that pus tunnels (anal fistula) has formed, which means pus will continue to leak.
This type of anal fistula and the preceding anal abscess cannot be treated with over-the-counter drugs. If you suspect you may have these symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible.