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Softens stools to help you go


Non-irritant laxative

Category 3 OTC medicines

90 tablets/270 tablets


Produces stools with
good consistency to
reduce straining.
A laxative designed
by the maker
your buttocks in mind.


Features 1

Magnesium hydroxide laxative that softens stools to prevent straining


Absorbs water to soften stools

Laxatives that use magnesium hydroxide, which are also called saline laxatives, act on stool rather than the intestines. They do not stimulate the intestines, but rather collect water and soften stools, which promotes passage without straining.

Magnesium hydroxide laxative that softens stools to prevent straining

Features 2

Non-stimulant and unlikely to become habit-forming


Acts on stool, not the intestines

There are two major types of laxatives: stimulant laxatives, which energize intestinal movement by stimulating the mucous membranes of the intestines, and non-stimulant laxatives, which soften stools by incorporating water into them. BORRAGINOL® Smooth magnesium hydroxide is a non-stimulant laxative.
Because it does not directly stimulate the intestines, it is safe and not habit-forming, even if taken repeatedly.


Features 3

Can fine-tune the dosage according to symptoms and adjust stools
to a good consistency


Can adjust dosage while monitoring bowel movement
conditions to avoid loose stools and diarrhea

It is intended not only to relieve constipation, but also to adjust stool to a good consistency and promote its passage in a controlled manner.
You can fine-tune the dosage of BORRAGINOL® Smooth magnesium hydroxide according to your constipation symptoms.
It is a laxative appropriate for a wide range of ages, from children at least 5 years old to seniors.


Product information


○Relief of the following symptoms due to constipation: hemorrhoids, dull headache, hot flush, skin roughness, eruption, loss of appetite (anorexia), fullness in the abdomen, and abnormal fermentation in the intestines.

Dosage and administration

Take the following doses with water or lukewarm water before bedtime (or on an empty stomach).
Use the minimum dose for the first time and gradually increase/decrease the dose by observing the bowel movement and conditions.

Age Dose Time of medication per day
Adults (ages 15 years and older) 6 to 18 tablets Once
11 to 14 years old 4 to 12 tablets
7 to 10 years old 3 to 9 tablets
5 to 6 years old 2 to 6 tablets
Under 5 years old This medicine should not be taken.
【Precautions concerning Dosage and Administration】
  • ⑴ Strictly follow the DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION.
  • ⑵ Children should take this medicine only under the direction and supervision of their parent or guardian.

Ingredients per 18 tablets (adult daily dose)

【Ingredient/content】 【Action】
Magnesium hydroxide
Increases stool water content, softening the stools and inducing bowel movements.

Additives: corn starch, white soft sugar, talc, flavor

Note: Make sure to contact a pharmacist or registered salesperson and read the Precautions before using this medicine.